Oceaneering Planner I, II (Submarine Sail SME) in Chesapeake, Virginia

Company Profile

Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications. Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense, entertainment, and aerospace industries. Oceaneering’s business offerings include remotely operated vehicles, built-to-order specialty subsea hardware, deepwater intervention and manned diving services, non-destructive testing and inspection, and engineering and project management.

Our Marine Services Division has more than 30 years experience in providing full-service ship repair capabilities for the US Naval Vessels including submarines, surface ships and crafts and deep submergence systems. Operating from state-of-the-art facilities in Chesapeake, Virginia, we are certified in Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) and Deep Submergence System Scope of Certification (DSS-SOC) repair activities, and specialize in the design, repair, maintenance, modification, and installation of hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E;) systems.

*For more information please go to *www.oceaneering.com and click on Products & Services, then click Marine Services Division (MSD).

Position Summary

Develops Task Group Instructions (TGIs) within the Production Engineering department to support various submarine maintenance availabilities, specializing in Mast and Antenna maintenance and repair.Requires experience with the preparation and review of technical material for publication in both paper and electronic formats. Documentation to develop includes (but is not limited to) TGIs, various required support enclosures, Objective Quality Evidence (OQE) and Reference Documents with Technical Variance Data (TVD). The daily use of technical manuals, equipment manuals, operating and maintenance instructions/manuals, database entry, parts lists, assembly instructions, reports, appendices. Use of the ATIS (Advanced Technical Information Support) software on a daily basis in the research for the TGI development.

Security Clearance

  • Must have or be able to obtain a Secret Security Clearance issued by the U.S. Department of Defense.
  • Applicant will be subject to a security investigation and must meet the eligibility requirements to obtain and maintain a security clearance issued by the US Government.
  • In addition to the security clearance, this position may require an additional background screening for base access.
  • Please, visit this link to determine if you would be eligible for a DoD Security Clearance:https://www.clearancejobs.com/securityclearancefaq.pdf

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Complete the planner qualification card Sections I, II, III to write Non-SUBSAFE and NON-SOC work (TGIs).
  • Research and develop technical work documents (TGIs) (Non-SUBSAFE) for the restoration/repair of various shipboard components through the review of applicable drawings and references.
  • Research and develop technical work documents (TGIs) (Non-SUBSAFE) with a minimum of structural or pipe welding through the review of applicable drawings and references.
  • Proper use & familiarity with the UIPIs, Navy Standard Items, OII-MSD Submarine & Deep Submergence Systems Quality Assurance Manual, OII-MSD Process Instructions as defined by OII-MSD PI Training Matrix with emphasis on PI-012, 021, 024, 025, 026, 059 & 064.
  • Conduct all necessary research, to include reading source material, using the ATIS application software, working with other subject matter experts (SMEs).
  • Print all available drawings/references in ATIS that are applicable to the task for inclusion in the work package for on-site use. In addition, obtain applicable ASW/CS Test Procedures and specifications/standards for inclusion in the package.
  • Read, understand and interpret blueprints, drawings, schematics and specifications to determine the requirements for the tasks assigned.
  • Review and maintain the master database of TGIs on electronic media for task assignment and TGI status updates for configuration management in accordance with published procedures.
  • Strong research abilities using WWW search engines, databases, ATIS, and other available resources.
  • Understand all of the phases in the process of developing/issuing a TGI from the assignment, development, review, issue and maintenance of the final TGI.
  • Progress towards completion of the planner qualification card for Planner II.

Supervisory Responsibilities


Reporting Relationship

  • Directly reports to the Planning Supervisor
  • Coordinates with other areas of the business in support of project and customer objectives.



  • BS in an engineering discipline; or AS in an engineering discipline with additional vocational courses in pipefitting, plumbing or hydraulic systems practice and theory; or High School/GED with Apprenticeship Diploma; or ten years military and/or civilian experience with Naval Submarine systems repair, modification or installation in a repair department or shipyard.



  • Five years’ experience in writing maintenance, operations and troubleshooting and testing procedures (Task Group Instructions (TGI’s), Formal Work Procedures (FWP’s), Controlled Work Procedures (CWP’s).
  • In-depth working knowledge of the following: Submarine Masts and Antenna Systems (repair/installation practices, procedures, alignments, troubleshooting, etc.), Submarine HM&E; systems (repair/installation practices, procedures, alignments, troubleshooting, welding, brazing, etc.), Combat System (VLS and torpedo stowage, handling, launching components & associated systems and the 3” Launcher system, Sail, Mast and antennas systems.
  • Display knowledge of UIPIs, Navy Standard Items, MILSPEC, Level 1 and SUBSAFE requirements.
  • Experienced with technical documentation development and editing of large-scale systems for both commercial and military customers, with experience in technical writing and editing in engineering topics; Engineering background desired.
  • In-depth working knowledge with AIM work breakdown is a plus.
  • Prior experience as a subject matter expert in Mast and Antenna maintenance and repair is highly desired.


  • Must possess good written and verbal communication skills and the ability to successfully interact with all levels of the Company and subcontractor organization.
  • Familiarity with Government publication standards for specifications and manuals.
  • Well-developed application software skills in Windows environment, with emphasis in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Communication and multi-tasking skills essential.
  • In-depth knowledge of Submarine Sail configurations, Mast and antennas systems technical documentation, and testing.
  • Familiarity with HM&E; systems Combat System (VLS and torpedo stowage, handling, launching components & associated systems and the 3” Launcher system.
  • Familiarity with NAVSEA 0924-062-0010, Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) Requirements Manual; OII-MSD PI-012, Task Group Instruction Development and Control; OII-MSD Surface Ship Quality Assurance Manual & OII-MSD PI-039, Re-Entry Control Process.
  • Knowledge of SS800-AG-MAN-010/P-9290, System Certification Procedures And Criteria Manual For Deep Submergence Systems, is a plus.
  • The Oceaneering Marine Services Division facilities can currently employ "US Persons". Your eligibility to work at this facility and/or transfer to other Oceaneering locations will be limited if you are not a US Citizen or are a dual citizen of another country. (The EAR and the ITAR definitions of a “U.S. person” is a “citizen or intending citizen” means an individual who is (1) a citizen or national of the U.S., (2) a lawful permanent resident, (3) admitted as a refugee, or (4) granted asylum.)

Other Pre-requisites:

Candidate will have to perform in an ISO-9000 rated company in a rapidly changing and demanding atmosphere

Additional Information

Working Conditions

This position is considered OFFICE WORK which is characterized as follows.

  • Almost exclusively indoors during the day and occasionally at night
  • Occasional exposure to airborne dust in the work place
  • Work surface is stable (flat)

Physical Activity/Requirements

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

This position is considered LIGHTwork.

Equal Opportunity Employer

All qualified candidates will receive consideration for all positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, veteran status, disability, political affiliation, marital status, sexual orientation, or other non-merit factors.

Job Title: Planner I, II (Submarine Sail SME)

Location: Chesapeake, Virginia

Job ID: 12615

Regular/Temporary: Regular

Full/Part Time: Full-Time